A Golf Club for Everyone

Welcome to Mariner Landing Golf and Country club where you get to have an exceptional golfing adventure. At the golf club, you get to practice golfing with pleasure, using the best of golfing equipment, accessories, mechanics and with the best golfing tips. Also, the golf course is suitable for players with any skill level including golfing for beginners. Beyond practice golfing, the semi-private facility offers a clubhouse with a grill that is open to the public. There is also a lounge area for members and their guests.

Become A Member

Mariner Landing Golf club offers the best membership rate and public fee value. The membership package here give you the freedom to practice golfing at a budget that is suitable for you. These packages accommodate golfing for beginners, allowing a beginner practice golfing with the best facilities including the landing golf course.

The membership packages are of 4 different structures and are well-designed for everyone either you play as a skilled golfer or golfing for beginners. They include the following: 1. Individual Cart Plan 2. Family Golf Membership 3. Junior Golf Membership 4. Single Golf Membership 5. Out Of Town Golf Membership The annual family golf membership costs $1,140 but you can pay $95 monthly for this same package suitable for the entire family to practice golfing. The annual adult golf package costs $720 which can be paid monthly at a sum of $60 and the junior golf members pay $660 annually. Some choose to pay $55 monthly for the Junior Golf Membership. Players who will love to subscribe to the annual Out Of Town Golf Membership will simply pay a sum of $420 or $35 monthly. To subscribe to this package, you are required to live at least 40 miles away from the landing golf course address. Driving Range Family Membership is also one of the membership packages available. This package costs a sum of $400. Some payment packages are available to the public at the landing club. These packages cover 18 hole cart Rental, 9 hole cart rental, Range balls per basket, Golf lesson 1 hour session which is perfect for those who will like to practice golfing. The last of the packages is the Junior 16 and Under 1-hour session. These membership packages costs $15, $8, $4, %50, and $35 respectively. To register for any of the membership programs so as to begin practice golfing, enjoy the adventure of golfing, or enjoy golfing for beginners, you are required to send a membership request which is available on the landing club website.

Golf Training Programs

Mariners landing golf club make golfing for beginners a great experience. One of the best places to practice golfing is at mariners golf club practice green. Golf professionals are always ready to train and give instruction to aid the process of golfing for beginners. They will guide you step by step till you can play excellently. No one is born with the skills, it takes continuous practice to become a pro, and you can get that opportunity here.

Tournaments Organized By The Club

Mariners golf club is known to be the host of the best tournament of mariners landing va which is the Andrew Haley Memorial/SML Lions Junior golf tournament. Other tournament associated with the golf club includes the Roanoke Valley Golf Hall of Fame and the Central Virginia Golf Hall of Fame. These are tournaments that mariner golf is a part of and also a host. The golf club is opened and will be glad to host your golf tournament because mariner golf club has the experienced specialist who will ensure your tournament is a success.

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