Welcome to Mariners Landing Golf Club

If you’re fond of golf, you can be a member of the only Sports club in town with a golf course. Visit Mariners Landing, the best 18 Hole golf course in the region and enjoy the most exquisite dishes and drinks in our restaurant and sports bar. Also, it has the facilities and services for your stay, and that of your family be fun and comfortable. Don’t hesitate and visit us to enjoy this incredible experience. The experience of the natural beauty of the Mariners Landing Golf Club, history of renown with its legendary course that has passed the test of time. It is also ranked among the best fields in the world. We offer you different types of memberships, so check out our offer and find the best association that suits you.

Individual Cart Plan Membership

  • Family Golf Membership
  • Single Adult Golf Membership
  • Junior Golf membership
  • Out of Town Membership

For the Family Golf Membership, the annual prize would be $1,140.00. It also can be paid monthly with a prize of $95.00. The Single Adult Golf Membership annually costs $720.00, and if you have decided to pay monthly, it will cost you $60.00 per month. For the Junior Golf Membership, the annual prize would be $660.00, whereas the monthly prize would be $55.00. And the last type of membership is an Out of Town Golf Membership, and the annual costs for this membership will be $420.00, $35.00 a month, but there is one condition, that you must live 40miles from the course’s address.

There is an online application for membership, and if the request is correctly completed, the applicant will then be contacted by a member of the host commission or the club management to arrange an appointment. The purpose of this appointment is of two orders:

For presenting the club, the club’s history, and the functioning of the club’s spirit, on the on hand, and allowing the applicants to introduce themselves, and guarantee that their expectations are the same as of those that the club offers.

Once you become a member of Mariners Landing Golf Club, you will be available to enjoy a beginner 20% discount (or 10% for a household) on your first fee since becoming a member, and a golf course guided by one of the golf teachers. You would also be able to train on a grass driving range in the season but also on the specific training center. One of the greatest things about being a member of the club is the permission to enjoy the many sports activities of the club, especially through a dense and varied sports calendar.

We also have a women’s section of our Club, which is proud to welcome its new players warmly and is making every effort to make them feel at home as soon as they join! The members of our women’s committee combine dynamism and dedication to offer a calendar that will please everyone. In addition to special events such as the opening day and the favorite ” members and guests,” we set up ladies only tournaments on Tuesdays and some Saturdays throughout the season. These games are open to players of all calibers and that they take place in a spirit combining healthy competition. Beyond the golf, we also organize social activities that allow our members to expand their social circle and meet new playing partners! There’s no doubt: in the Mariners Landing Golf Club., your golf experience will be exciting and most enjoyable!